not really slumming it

It’s clear that this part of town (Gurgaon) is new to fancy restaurants. We’ve been to two. The first was in the first floor of Dave’s office building – it was a Chinese restaurant (Mainland China), and the three of us (including Didit, the guy we live with here) were the only ones in the restaurant. And so the had pretty much every waiter in the place hovering around us. The second a plate would be empty, three hands would reach in the grab something off the table to put on our plate. They interrupted every conversation as waiter after waiter asked us if we had what we needed. At the end of the meal, they eagerly brought over the comments card, hovered over I filled it out, and then stood right there as they all gathered around to read it.

On the other hand, we went to a hotel restaurant (Fortune Select Global) where they brought us all drinks menus, but no other food menu. The waiter came over and intently told Dave about the buffet and the seafood platter, but didn’t speak loud enough so that I or Didit could hear. When Dave asked for a food menu, he brought only one. When Dave asked for more menus for the other two, he brought only one more. It was a few more minutes when the third one finally came. They brought us our drinks, but didn’t bother to open my beer. They took our orders, but didn’t bother to take Didit’s menu. And so on.

But look at me complain – there are 500 million people in this country who wish the worst of their problem was that the waiter didn’t take their menu.


2 responses to “not really slumming it

  1. Lol. This is a phenomenon I’ve never quite understood about Indian restaurants — the number of menus handed out is always, but always, less than the number of guests. And this is irrespective of how upscale the restaurant is.

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