back to Delhi

Boys crammed into one auto rickshaw.

We didn’t like Gurgaon immediately. It used to be a sleepy town (Gur means sweet and Gaon means village), but now it’s being re-built up as a new high-tech city in India. There is construction happening all over; it’s dusty, smoggy and the electricity goes out often. We had a market next to our giant housing complex, but we had to call a taxi to go anywhere else. And go where? New Delhi is an hour away (could be as little as 25 mintues or as much as 2 hours depending on  traffic) or to a mall. We made the decision to move to southern Delhi at the expensive of a longer commute for Dave. We love our new apartment. It’s nicest apartment we’ve ever had – though I bet Dave will probably contend 107 Seeley will never be topped.

Now we can walk to several markets and hop into auto rickshaws and go anywhere in Delhi. We are very happy with our decision to move.

4 responses to “back to Delhi

  1. Good choice, South Delhi. Gurgaon would have meant being in the middle of a dust-bowl (even more than the rest of India is 😀 ) with nothing to do except visit malls.

    By the way, “gur” isn’t generic “sweet”. It’s a traditional form of unrefined sugar (hence healthier, too) that’s called “jaggery” in English. You absolutely must try out the powdered form (“shakkar”), which looks like brown sugar, and which I find way way tastier than white sugar.

  2. Uhhh…I’m sorry, does your fancy new apartment have a basketball court, a pool and a tent full of wet board games in the back yard???? No??? Ya, I didn’t think so. 107 seeley 4eva! We should really get tattoos or something.

  3. BTW Gurgaon is not derived from Gur+Gaon

    It may seem hard to imagine this with its current form but it’s name came from “Guru” + “Gram” or the village where the guru lived and taught. Its derived form an ancient tale of a guru who taught here.

  4. hi.
    some more clarification about the name Gurgaon.
    Gurgaon was the village of guru Dronacharaya. the famous guru of Pandavs ( 5 brothers of Mahabharat). from there comes the word guru-gram. means village of guru. so its a historical place about which very few people know.
    I also live in gurgaon. i also used to work in cyber city. and i also used to live in south delhi- saket.

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