excessive switches

It’s nice to live in an apartment where you can set the mood with lots of lighting options. And this apartment has a ton; there isn’t a spot that doesn’t have it’s very own light. The most are in the dining and living room (see combined photo above). So many, in fact, every time I want to light up an area in particular (and not one to waste unneeded electricity), I play a game of trying switch after switch before finding the right one. It’s a bit excessive. To illustrate my point and to help myself figure it out once and for all, here is a photo of the switches for just the living and dining room (18) with an added guide.


  1. Spotlight by kitchen table
  2. Unknown
  3. Unkown
  4. Strip light over small couch
  5. Strip light opposite on opposite wall from small couch
  6. Strip light by entrance area
  7. Fan in entrance area
  8. Fan over couches
  9. Strip light in dining room – above frolicking horses fan
  10. Fan over kitchen table
  11. Unusable
  12. Unusable
  13. Spotlight over smaller couch
  14. Spotlight in entrance area
  15. Spotlight left of frolicking horses fan
  16. Striplight in dining room, right wall from frolicking horses fan
  17. Spotlight above long couch
  18. Spotlight above TV

One response to “excessive switches

  1. i think there are far fewer switches in the usa because most of the outlets are always ‘live.’

    – s.b.

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