a little earthquake

It was much less scary to experience my first earthquake (a 4.3) than I would have thought, probably because it happened in the middle of the night. We awoke and realized it was an earthquake, but couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed and go to a doorway. Soon enough it was over and after a few heart-pounding moments, we drifted back to sleep (Dave contends he stayed up about an hour imagining earthquake escape scenarios). I’m sure we would have been much more freaked out if it had happened in the middle of the day.

Anyhow, we had a fun day yesterday. Went to the DCWA (Delhi Commonwealth Women’s Association) International Bazaar 2007 – a huge charity where many embassies had booths selling food from their country. We gravitated to the New Zealand stall where I had a glass of delicious red wine (having been deprived of it for 4 weeks) and Dave got a lamb burger. Later we took the metro to Delhi’s Little Tibet, Majnu Ka Tila. It’s a very compact neighborhood, but clean and quiet. We enjoyed walking down dark back alleys.

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