Late night wedding

It’s 11:53 PM, and there’s a wedding going on across the street. “Across the street?” my Mom asked after wondering why we were playing the soundtrack of tribal drums while we were on the phone with her. “Is there a temple across the street?” Nope. Weddings are affairs of the home, and the home across the street is done up to the nines:

We haven’t been to an Indian wedding yet. But from what we heard, they go really late. And they don’t really even get going until the groom shows up, typically seated on the back of a horse-drawn carriage and heralded by a brass band wearing old British army-style uniforms. We haven’t seen a carriage and haven’t heard a brass band yet… which means we’re probably in for a long night.

4 responses to “Late night wedding

  1. One morning I was woken up by a brass band–a man living next to my husband’s family was getting married. God, they were LOUD! It was so cool, though. I ran downstairs to take pictures and enjoy the music. Of course, I wasn’t trying to go to sleep, so I’m thinking you might be feeling differently about it than I did. 😉

  2. It isn’t a horse drawn carriage, the groom is actually seated on the horse. You’ll probably see the band first, then a white horse, and on the horse a guy whose face is hidden by the sehra (a decorative head covering) – that’d be the groom.

  3. interesting view point of Indian marriage by an outsider.
    I would like to point out, you can’t just categorize something as Indian marriage and be done with it.
    There are numerous communities, each having their own rituals and ways which can be diametrically opposite to the others.
    But your “Weddings are affairs of the home,” is the common point (or at least I think so).

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