At the restaurant

“Pani, please,” I asked the guy behind the counter.

He stared at me. “K– kya?” (“W– what?”)

“Uh, pani?” Seeing his blank look, I gave up. “Water?”

“Ah, yes, water.” He gave me a bottle.

“Did I pronounce it wrong?” I asked him.

“No, not at all. I just didn’t expect that word coming from YOU.”

3 responses to “At the restaurant

  1. Maybe you should just stick with the English at that rate.

  2. Wow…you’d think he’d be pleased that you were trying to speak his language. I agree with the above comment that you should stick to english. 🙂

  3. here’s one, at PVR’s Cafe:
    Englishman(British): Water
    Steward:Bottal (Bottle)
    E:What ?
    S:Bottal Bottal of water
    S:Bottaalled Water ?
    E:Bottle ?
    S:Bottal ?
    E:What? I want water ….?(looks at me)
    Me: 1 bottled water
    S: ok(gives him a bottle of water)
    E(to me): I said the same thing, didn’t I, Was I saying it wrong ?….

    May be they just get nervous or something seeing foreigners

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