the craziest sight on the road #1

A Sikh man on a motorcycle, his wife perched side-saddle behind him, holding a baby suckling at her breast. It was late at night, it was a busy road, and the man was pushing a car with his foot.

The backstory, I think, is that this car had run out of gas. And the guy on the motorcycle was pushing them to a gas station.

With his foot.

With his wife and suckling baby on the back of the bike.

This scene alone didn’t immediatly catch my attention.  It wasn’t until I saw them precariously jerk from side to side that I noticed.  The driver managed to right the bike, but I couldn’t help but yell out to my friends in the car how stupid this stunt was.

Shashank had the opposite reaction. “Oh, Sikhs are such giving people! I bet they don’t even know the driver of the car he’s pushing.”


One response to “the craziest sight on the road #1

  1. okay i doubt they were pushing it. more like getting towed along to save gas. but a funny sight no doubt. i’ve been reading your blog for the last couple of hours and its amazing to see my country through your eyes… really.

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