the craziest sight on the road #2

This is an Ambassador. Manufactured in the sixties, this car is a symbol of India’s self-reliance.

Here’s what I saw on the road: a mint-condition Ambassador complete with a shiny silver bumper. It had obviously broken down. It was being nudged along the road by another car. But, out of concern for the shiny silver bumper, there was a man sitting in the Ambassador’s trunk. His back was against the back of the trunk and his legs were sticking out. So when the other car pressed the gas, this guy’s legs took the force and his back pushed the Ambassador forward.

“How can we keep this shiny silver bumper from being scratched or nicked? Let’s put a blanket there. Let’s put a pillow there. No, let’s put a human being there.”

2 responses to “the craziest sight on the road #2

  1. Hey guys!
    I’m an expat Delhi-ite, now working in Bangalore. Just recently found your blog, and i love your outsider’s take on Delhi and India!

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