what American music may come II

You don’t have to tell me how pathetic it is to a) go to Ruby Tuesday’s when you’re living in India, b) go to Ruby Tuesday’s more than once while you’re living in India, and c) go to Ruby Tuesday’s on your wedding anniversary. But that’s what we did tonight. The reason was this: after the amazing soundtrack I heard last time (Vanilla Ice, Right Said Fred, and The Chicken Dance, among others), Jenny wanted to get a taste of their musical stylings. And she really wanted a fajita, no matter how crappy it would inevitably be.

So we sat down, ordered, and listened. The first song we heard: Infatuation by Rod Stewart. The second song we heard: Infatuation by Rod Stewart. The third song we heard: Infatuation by Rod Stewart.

We sat there for an hour. The fajitas were worse than expected (cauliflower? broccoli? paneer???), the hot wings were anything but, and Rod Stewart never, ever stopped.

“Oh no not again
It hurts so good
I don’t understand


3 responses to “what American music may come II

  1. Ruby Tuesday and Fajitas don’t even go together in the states. It definitely doesn’t go together in India.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. This brings back memories. When my wife and I were in Delhi several years ago, we were dying for mexican food, after spending most of a month hopping around Northern India. We went to some god awful tex-mex place in downtown Delhi (sorry, can’t remember where), and had what I imagine are the exact same paneer fajitas. Travesty. On the plus side though, instead of Rod Stewart, we were greeted and served by several India men wearing cowboy shirts and hats. The greeting was “howdy pardner!” :<

  3. Ajay and I had an almost equally bad experience at a Bennigans in Korea, though it wasn’t our anniversary. However, for the very first time in my life, I sent food back. I just couldn’t handle it! You would think that chain restaurants have standards in other countries, but no! no, they don’t. Happy Anniversary!

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