this is a joke, right?

I mean… it’s only April.

Dave posted the above. I have this to add:

Who to believe? and BBC put the high temperature at 106.  Dave got the weather from a widget on his computer.

Interestingly: though Indians have good reason to be obsessed with the weather (especially in Delhi, which has a very harsh climate), they aren’t. No one small talks about the weather. People don’t discuss how hot it is today, how hot it’s supposed to get tomorrow, etc. In fact, when I went to the websites of the two major newspapers in Delhi, I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything about the weather.

One reason may lie in the sameness of the weather in New Delhi. It hardly ever rains; it doesn’t get windy or overcast. It’s just a sunny cold day or a sunny hot day — week after week. Knowing that, I suppose making this a topic of small talk makes you an especially dull person.

2 responses to “this is a joke, right?

  1. I’ve told you guys so many times, be happy that it’s hot, not windy, and not cold….Laramie’s current temp is 40 degrees (a heat wave for us), and normal wind stays in the upper twenties. I’d give have your weather

  2. Ugly American

    That’s the way it is in Las Vegas too. Its hit 127° and was still over 100° at midnight.

    It’ll make you believe in Solar Power.

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