where do 14 million people go?

India experienced a drastic change in weather while we were in the US for two weeks. Rain happened.

Lots of it. Having seen just brief drizzles three times in six months, we were flabbergasted Monday morning when the apartment suddenly turned dark and rain poured in sheets upon the city. During daylight hours, Delhi streets are always clogged with people: vendors on the street, people sleeping, walking, riding bikes, motorcycles and jampacked buses. But when the streets turned into rivers, I peeked out my 3rd story window and saw that all manner of traffic had disappeared. Where’d they go?


2 responses to “where do 14 million people go?

  1. Empty streets in India? I didn’t know that could EVER happen. Not even at 3am.

  2. @nicole
    are you some big India expert or simply an over enthusiast?

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