on the highway, animals have the right of way

cows on the Jaipur highway

Sheep on the Jaipur highway

5 responses to “on the highway, animals have the right of way

  1. jenny and dave

    Jenny here.

    I love the faceless cows.

    By the way, this is not called “craziest sight on the road #4” because the one thing I knew about India before coming here was that cows were on the road.

    Not crazy – to be expected.

  2. I too wrote about the right of way recently (my post on Alipura of June 28, 2008) when I wrote about my journey to Khajuraho.

    You’ve got a nice blog here.

  3. India and animals have had a long love affair. Other countries in the world eliminated their big mammals but animals survived and
    thrived in India. In India animals are part of our religion, you will see them in temples and hear of them religious legends. India loves animals.
    True, we are changing and have started to ill-treat animals and now poachers are exterminating the tiger. But this is now who we are.

  4. A wrong spelling the last sentence. I meant, this is not who we are. But I guess in a way I might have subconsciously used the wrong word! 🙂
    Anyway, I better stop commenting now because with so many comments I am intruding on your space.
    Will drop in again.

  5. The second photo is like rush-hour in the Scottish highlands in summer. I took a photo which looked exactly like it and the sheep have right of way there too! 🙂

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