high-speed in name only

Even though India is considered an IT-savvy nation, it’s hard to get decent internet speed. My new office has a 2 Mbps line shared across thirty or forty computers, which isn’t terrible but certainly isn’t comparable to New York. At our old office, however, there were sixty computers maxing out a pathetic little 512 Kbps line. That works out to 7.3 Kbps per computer, which is why I went five months without watching a Youtube video at work. (How did I survive???) Our home internet speed, while nominally considered “broadband,” seems like anything but.

With that context, you can rest assured that this sign, spotted at an Internet cafe near my house, is entirely bereft of irony.

11 responses to “high-speed in name only

  1. This is how most internet cafes are in india.. getting frustrated is of no use coz’ we are the only ones to be at losss…


  2. Quirky Indian

    The power of 256 kbps. Yippeee! Of course, “in case of power failure” I’ll have to wait.

    I agree with you. It is completely bereft of irony. But I’m afraid if I don’t laugh, I’ll end up throwing my laptop out of the window, since I’m typing this “feeling the power” of 115.2 kbps!

    Quirky Indian

  3. illusionsofme

    Welcome to India! You’d be amazed to know that internet speeds improve each time I come home from the US – I’m always amazed when pages take less than 15 seconds to load one graphic, or when my downloads hit more than 1 kbps.

    Whereabouts in Delhi do you live? It’s rare to find other people who live in Delhi in the blogosphere, so hi!

    – Maya

  4. there seems to be really less nuber of indians who blog on wordpress..

  5. Welcome to the Indian Broadband definition , my friend.

  6. jenny and dave

    Hi Maya,
    We live in South Delhi. Near Green Park. Hi yourself! =)

  7. As i know TRAI has a guideline for providing minimum 256Kbps for every broadband connection, i don’t know why indian ISP’s don’t follow this and also no one complains !!!

  8. there’s no use complaining.. thats why.. the government is not going to take it into consideration with too much zeal. .and in case someone even thinks of checking into the matter it will be pushed into the back of the long line of unfinished still waiting to be opened files… thats why…
    when have you actually seen anything happening in india?!

  9. Well, ironic yes. I should say though, when I was travelling back and forth from long island and here -yearly visits; each time I found it better. There was a time when it was frustrating to just get connected! I am just glad that we can do this much and hope it gets better and sooooon!! 🙂 I am supposedly connected at 100Mbps now! 😉 thanks to broadband!

  10. yea.. me too having broadband. it is working much better than a dial up connection in any case!!!

  11. I agree there are way too few Delhisiders on wordpress. I’m from Delhi (Andrews Ganj) and I have a blog at http://bigotblog.wordpress.com

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