foggy forest near Shimla

Believe it or not, this photo is in color.


15 responses to “foggy forest near Shimla

  1. Wow – that’s an amazing shot!

  2. Is this beautiful or what.. amazing picture

  3. minnesotameetskarnataka

    Gorgeous picture!

    What is it like to travel to Shimla?

  4. can you comment on this post appearing in the washingpost about a father who killed his daughter after finding her in a compromising position with the servant?

  5. Quirky Indian

    Great pic!

    Ah, the advantages of living in Delhi! So many great places close by. I envy you people.

    Here I am in Mumbai, having had it with the 3000 feet “hill-stations” (all two or three of them!) and that cure for all ills, Goa.

    I seriously need to head up north!

    Quirky Indian

  6. aww…these photos make me homesick–i grew up in simla…the palm trees in L.A. have nothing on the simla forests!
    also, don’t miss out on “high teas” at the Oberoi trifecta– Wildflower Hall , Cecil and Clarkes..

  7. jenny and dave

    ke – While Dave and I are quite thorough in reading foreign articles that relate to India (thanks to google alerts), we haven’t been as diligent in reading the local newspapers.

    The times we do read newspapers, however, we are are often horrified and sometimes amused. Amused like the day in June when the comics section were all Christmas related!

    I think it would make a great blog entry to talk more about the newspapers, though, so we’ll try to do that in the coming weeks.

    We had heard of that story, by the way. Reading about it from a much more reliable news source (The Washington Post) was especially interesting.

    Gosh, the bit about the truth serum – that’s insane!

  8. What’s insane is not the truth serum (it’s easier than physical torture)

    What’s insane is that a father could slit the throat of his own daughter just because she found out he was having an affair.

  9. ke,
    read some indian news sites. you will be informed that police actually had no evidence against the father and he has been released last week.

  10. Awesome pictures! Love the blog.

  11. Now that’s an awesome pic! The foggy-ness makes it so.

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  13. What an awesome picture!

  14. Hi there, I check your new stuff daily. Your story-telling style
    is witty, keep it up!

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