Jenny contemplates the forest near Shimla

23 responses to “Jenny contemplates the forest near Shimla

  1. I agree. Great photo.

  2. jenny and dave

    (Jenny here) I’m looking so awkward! Like I’ve gotta pee really bad.

  3. Amazing pic…. and an amazing blog…..

  4. hey im from shimla where did you took that pic in shimla??

  5. everything is beautiful in this pic….WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. gorgeous photography..the photographer deserves a prize…good work keep it up….peaceful environments boost creativity of a person

  7. i love u aaa grat snaps

  8. nice creation


    Gerat pic G style

  10. wow kia seen hai….

  11. NICE u all so

  12. i cant say what is beautiful , the girl of the forest !!! i would say the ‘GIRL’

  13. the photography definately desreves a applause. But the girl is wonderful too. Long legged, beautiful, delicate. Looks like a angel in the heaven !!

  14. Nice Picture

  15. u r really very gorgeous i want to say i luv u

  16. it’s really gooooooooooooooooooood
    it’s a priceless pic and pricelass pic need only appriciation

  17. hi jenny and dave u looking soo beautiful

  18. waoooo great

  19. waaaaaaaaaaooo great

  20. nice click

  21. Jenny and dave Where did u take this photo in shimla plz tell me .where this locate plz

  22. Every Point is very sexy from Lady to Forest in the snap…Great Photography

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