sealed building on MG Road

4 responses to “sealed building on MG Road

  1. I have noticed both the buildings on the MG Road between Mehrauli and Ghitorni. I am not sure when this photograph was taken, but the building looks the same even today.

  2. Wow…what a great job of “sealing”! As one can see, it’s sealed so well, the frigging place is practically airtight! Well done, sealing crew!

    Quirky Indian

  3. minnesotameetskarnataka

    As usual, great pics!

    I hope it all clears up quickly and that the area once again is vibrant.

    Did the shopowners get reimbursed adequately?

  4. I have seen similar instances / events elsewhere, almost every where I traveled in urban India. We Indians keep boasting of development-achievements, which remain helf-hearted, take any field, including recent hungama in the Parliament House or Wi-Fi technology involvement in bomb attacks, or Tata’s policy on his Brand Nano…

    As I had stint with practice of architecture and town planning for some time, there is nothing that I should be proud of so-called progress and development.

    The images on your blog is a chronicle of history today.

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