coconut rava rave

Always a line at Sagar.

Truly an eating paradise.


8 responses to “coconut rava rave

  1. hey, is this the one in Defence Colony? Oh my, how I am craving to get good Indian food.

  2. Sagar’s is more of a fast food chain. Some more great places to try:

    Karim’s hotels next to Jama Masjid
    Nizam kathi rolls in several places in Delhi – try the connaught place branch
    And of course, go to Chandni Chowk for great streetfood

  3. That looks delicious. I’ve figured out that americans don’t know how to make “healthy” foods (besides salads) and any attempts at fast “healthy” food themed restaurants usually fail. the food is often bland and tasteless.

    I have tried on several occassions to get my american friends to try more ethnic foods. I keep telling them that it’s not only more healthy, it’s also a lot more flavorful, but they don’t buy it. They think healthy means flavorless.

    However, Indian food if cooked without the ghee is deliciously flavorful and can be healthy. I’m glad I was introduced to it living in east africa. It’s now become part of the national cuisine there.

  4. ooh boi.. that looks delicious.. a couple of us just got back from lunch at a asian multi cuisine restaurant and I though the food was good, then i see this and I say to myself, the “basil and mango fried rice” got nothin on this rava dosa..

    good work dave and jenny, i have been regular reader of your blog for a few months now, i like how you present your views without being judgmental..

  5. I’m not sure how i linked up to your page, but then once i started reading , it went all the way back to the first post.

    On this post , unfortunate that you folks love South Indian food in delhi , should try it in the actual South of India ….

  6. Hey,

    If you like South Indian stuff check the following out:
    1. Naivaidyam – Hauz Khas Village. Also in Gurgaon.
    2. Sarvana Bhawan – Janpath

  7. The second time I visited Delhi I stayed in Defense Colony and ate at Sagars. Quite an experience. I think it might have even been my birthday, then.

  8. now i am starving !

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