You can see full-size versions on Flickr.

7 responses to “mumbai

  1. Neat! So will we be seeing more of Bombay over the next few days? I’d love to know about your impressions on Bombay vs. Delhi!
    PS- I hate calling it Mumbai.

  2. a wonderful narrative without a single word

  3. These are fabulous photos. I was just in Mumbai, and your images brought it all back, full force. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’ve been waiting for a post on bollywood stars. Maybe now that your in mumbai, we’ll get one.

    Which do you prefer? Mumbai or Delhi?

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  6. Love those pictures! Especially the “Moti Talkies” one!

    I am originally Indian, but have lived in the Netherlands my whole life and recently visited Delhi for the first time. I am now looking forward to seeing Mumbai. These pictures seem to give the impression there is quite a big contrast between the two cities.

    So thank you for making these!

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