dave’s contribution to indian culture

Because I’ve so eagerly adopted the phrase “do one thing“, I feel compelled to contribute something to Indian linguistics in return. And while the American vernacular provides a cornucopia of wit, wisdom, clarity, and grace, I’m proud to report that I have chosen — and my coworkers have just as eagerly taken to — one of the most useful and important nouns in the English language: “Douchebag.”

As in: “That guy is a douchebag.”

“Douchebag” is an ambiguous word. It’s hard to define, because douchebags themselves run such a wide gamut and appear in such a variety of circumstances. In general, a douchebag refers to a pretty-boy with an overinflated sense of self worth. They have large biceps and small minds. There’s a pretty good rundown here.

Douchebags are a product of wealth and leisure — which means that as India’s middle class continues to swell, India’s upper class will increase its output of douchebags. So it’s a good word for my coworkers to know.

I’d like to think I’m leaving India a better place.

5 responses to “dave’s contribution to indian culture

  1. What-you’re leaving India? 😦
    Will miss your blog!

  2. My favorite Indianisim is “do the needful” my husbands is “prepone”.

  3. Douchebaggery is thriving in Delhi. People here are scared of bombs and rapists… I’m scared of Delhi Douchebags in cars. You know the ones, with the floor lights and woofers. The ones who break the speed limit even while parking their cars.

    But the fact that high levels of douchebaggery attracts the women cannot be ignored. Proof – Chicks with Douchebags.

  4. whoa.. and i thought it was a synonym for couch-potato he he he
    thnx for the enlightenment

  5. Yes.. perfect word for white-shirted, gel-spiked-hair, square-jawed Delhi pretty boys I refer to as TDA (typical Delhi a**hole) !!

    What an appropriate word you have found . 🙂

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