shees hey k.e. gate (?)


Spotted near Old Delhi. Liked the colors. And no, I have no idea.


13 responses to “shees hey k.e. gate (?)

  1. Sheeshey means glass. From the illustration, I think it may be an ad for window panes (probably referred to as “gates”)

  2. I think it means glass doors. Sheeshey = glass, ke = of, gate = gate 🙂


  3. Means glass door.

  4. It is advertising mirrors, sheeshey.

    The proprietor of this business is a Maharashtrian man, last name Gate (pronounced Ga-Tay, initials K, E.

    He’s my uncle.

  5. Okay so the last line was a joke.

  6. hey,
    been reading this for a while, funny yet very relateable incidents. Keep up the good writing.


  7. One thing to note from this picture…in India we dont deal in land line telephones anymore. Its all mobile phones everywhere.

  8. Also the Hindi script in the first line says “Klaajar banaaYi jaata hay ” = Klaajar(?) is made here.

  9. Klaajar = Closets !
    Look at the 2nd line, its says Almirah.

  10. Ha ha ha.. i was too wondering what it meant until the superb images of the windows/cupboards provided a hint

  11. KE Gate might be Kashmere Gate ?

  12. Klajar- most likeley meant as closure. Anything than can be “CLOSED” 😉 Cupboards/Almirahs all included. Just call him.

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