the fog of delhi

Outside, a car honked and honked as it drove slowly by, its tires crunching on the street. Then silence — total silence. And then another car, slowly honking as it, too, slowly passed. These were new sounds, disquieting sounds, and they made us look outside.

At first, we thought our window had fogged up. It took us some time to realize that no, Delhi had fogged up, worse than we’d ever seen it.


This was the street outside our house (as compared to the same view when there is no fog). It was eerie. Stephen King novel eerie. Beyond these two lights, you could see nothing. In the distance, a dog barked sporadically; somewhere across the street, a guard coughed, the sound strangely near in the thick air. Otherwise, except for the few cars slowly passing, Delhi was silent, and that was the scariest part of all.

4 responses to “the fog of delhi

  1. Great snap! I was unlucky enough to be out in an auto during this fog…. took me 70 minutes for a 20 minute journey! But for once even the auto drivers were driving careful……..

  2. Your photo really captures the fog well. Stay inside!

  3. Delhi’s fog is quite the amazing phenomenon.

    Driving can get complicated, and risky. The trick is to pick a vehicle in front of you and follow the lights, which is probably the only thing you can see.

  4. @amreekandesi : Bingo! On a highway in UP we had crazy fog, it was tough for the driver to even find the side of the road, we had to constantly keep track of the road side because otherwise we had no clue where the highway was going! Luckily we found a daredevil truck driver towed behind him at around twice the speed we were earlier.

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