delhi has a nazi problem?

This sign was spotted in the beer shop in our local market. We had our eyes out for lychees in anticipation of the start of the season; should we be on the lookout for Hitler’s minions instead?



14 responses to “delhi has a nazi problem?

  1. haha..i wonder what the story here is.

    Or maybe it is just photoshop?

  2. No, not a photoshop.
    The sign is a warning to the public to be alert against terrorism. Specifically it says:
    ‘Get your hired help and potential tenants verified by the police to ensure that they’re not terrorists!
    If you see any suspicious looking people or objects lying around, report ’em to the cops”
    Though why there’s a Nazi flag behind the picture there beats me.

  3. I was also referring to the presence of the nazi picture in that sign.

    In my many years spent growing up in Delhi, i never saw anything like this!

    Another thing i just noticed – one of the phone numbers is 7 digit while the other one is 8. Delhi phone numbers are 8 digits. Besides, why the inconsistency!

  4. I think the guy who made the poster must have been googling for a stock photo of a terrorist with a covered face…… and liked this one.

    and on the nazi symbol, u may be surprised at how many people don’t know about it in India.

  5. I’m not sure how long you’ve been here, but the swastika in India is actually a very holy symbol. Yes, Hitler corrupted it and it became a tragic, terrible symbol in the West. But in the East, it is still auspicious. Perhaps its odd that the symbol is seen on the poster for terrorism, but I suspect the poster creator identified with the symbol for its connection to Hinduism, not to Nazism.

  6. I just started with your blog–it’s very interesting. But it’s kind of hard to find old posts. You’re using tags and categories for your posts, if you could add the tag cloud and category widgets it would make it easier for newcomers like me to find the old posts!

  7. Actually it is Swastika and not Nazi symbol. But I too am wondering what is religious symbol like swastika doing behind a goon’s pic? Must be ‘by chnace’, clicked pic in front of a abnner of a religious cadre. I am just guessing.

    @amreekandesi: Good catch about the phone numbers.

  8. We’ve lived in India long enough to know the difference in both symbolism and graphic treatment of a Hindu swastika and a Nazi symbol. This is clearly a Nazi symbol. Note the red and black treatment, and the cross in the upper-left corner, and compare to the Nazi flag:

  9. Eric – That’s great feedback. We don’t really pay attention to categories, but I’ve added a tag cloud and a search box.

  10. Since the poster asks the reader to report suspicious items or people, the photo is probably giving examples of what these look like — masked man with a gun or a bag like item.
    But why this blogs makes it out to be something it is not is beyond me. All you had to do was ask someone to interpret the Hindi writing. You may have thought it was funny to make the jump to Hitler, it is really silly.

    That is a nazi symbol there, though the warning message does not refer to any type of radical group. There has been a world wide surge in neo nazis and kkk graffiti is being found in Baghdad (presumably drawn by members of the US forces who used to be the best but now recruit and train any idiot ).
    The swastika used by Hindus is drawn along the XY axis and not at an angle. Also the word “arya” meant cultured in ancient Sanskrit. So next time you meet someone with that name please do not speculate.
    I think you jumped the shark with this blog post.

  11. You are right, it does look like Nazi symbol. Anyway swastika too wasnt making any sense in the background.

  12. Definitely Nazi flag and not the traditional Hindu symbol. I think you’re right that the artist was googling for a “terrorist” and he didn’t understand the swastika image as a Nazi symbol. Kind of like the “Bert is Evil” incident.

  13. @ms
    its a joke, get over urself and laugh

  14. It is common for advertisements in india to stolen pictures from other places, to look more professional and credible – this does not apply to well known brands. I see stolen pictures in beauty parlors, schools, dance and aerobic classes, you name it, all having western pictures – stolen from the internet maybe.

    I am sure the picture is NAZI but who ever made the ad has no clue it is NAZI, and most of the people who read it have not clue it is NAZI. I think the picture was chosen because it is western.

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