unexpected, even for SRK

Shahrukh Khan is everywhere. We’re not talking about his ads or his movies, either, even though his face makes me and a billion others run out and buy Pepsi, Compaq, DishTV, Linc Pens, and Emami Fair and Handsome Fairness Cream (the ad for which makes every  post-colonial liberal feel guilty and ashamed, even without understanding the dialogue), and a hundred other products.

No, this weekend we spotted SRK’s beautiful face hanging from trees on a some random street during a wander through North Delhi. You had to look close to see it, though.


It’s Shahrukh’s most subtle ad campaign to date. We like it.


9 responses to “unexpected, even for SRK

  1. Is that a print of ‘Swades’? who would throw these away?

  2. yep it looks like stills from Swades. Ad campaigns, SRK and subtlety won’t go hand in hand. If you are interested in cricket then watch out for the cheer gals campaign and show coming up.
    Well even if not interested in cricket we can watch, right? hmm..

  3. What a great photo. And I’m thrilled that even I, a white girl in Oregon, could recognize Swades!

  4. That ad for fairness skin cream is so sad. Why do Indians want to look white? not that there’s anything wrong with looking white, but their natural complexion looks more appropriate on them.

    don’t they know that the darker you are, the better you’ll age? all that melanin protects the skin from the sun and other environmental toxins.

    I’ve always found darker skinned indians to be so much more beautiful and exotic looking. People like Nandita das and Kunal Kapoor are gorgeous with their tanned complexions. They look much better than a saif ali khan and in 10 years, you’ll see the REAL difference in their looks.

    Nandita Das is in her 40’s and you she looks 25! Thank God she never used those skin lighteners otherwise,she’ d be looking 20 years older by now.

  5. Dudes, your Bollywood poster got linked on Boingboing.

  6. Light skin has less to do with colonialism than the fact that the the uppper castes are light skinned compared to the lower castes. Skin color is indicative of where someone stands in the caste hierarchy. And so the bias toward a lighter skin predates colonialism.

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  8. i agree with rajesh, even in kerla where every one is dark skinned, you will find upper cast people totally white, like shashi tharoor. he is from kerla. this is same all over india. look at the people living in GK, they are fairer than the people working on streets or your watchmen, so people attach fairness with sucess, money, reputation etc.
    people from north-eastern state are also white, but they face a lot of discrimination in this city.

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