the girls who have never played anything

The charity Jenny works for has entered a fundraising contest to bring a sports teacher to a region where children literally have to be taught how to play. Watch:

If you’re so inclined, please register at Nike’s Sport for Change site to comment on and vote for their proposal. If they win, they’ll be able to change countless lives in rural India!


One response to “the girls who have never played anything

  1. Wow, this is ridiculous! I agree life is hard in any rural place but teaching kids to play games is the silliest idea I have ever heard.
    Girls do have many games to choose from and they are not all basketball or baseball. There is hop scotch, skipping rope, marbles and so much more, all need nothing but common household stuff. And these were suitable for us because we never needed expensive equipment or extensive preparation, playgrounds . We learn to wait our turn, fairplay and team work with these simple games.
    We even played lagori at home and kho kho, kabaddi in my all girls’ school and this was IN A SMALL TOWN! At school we also had options for badminton, volley ball. No basketball or soccer for some reason (at that time , though it may have changed now). I get that many of the girls don’t go to school but to think they have to be taught some western games is supercilious. Of course any school needs a sports teacher but your post makes it sound like there are no indigenous sports and games in India.
    Next maybe we could get them Monopoly to teach them what capitalism and sub prime mortgages are all about?

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