cameras in our faces


In the past three months, we’ve been interviewed five times: by NDTV, for a segment on how expats celebrate Christmas (aired but not online); by the Hindustan Times, for an article on how expats enjoy life in India (not printed); by the Indian Express, for an article about how expats enjoy life in India (not yet printed); for a documentary about Pardada Pardadi by the Living India nNtwork (network not yet launched), and by NPR’s Studio360, for a feature about our Bollywood poster (not yet aired, but coming next week).

Sometimes we get pictures taken.


And sometimes we take pictures.


Maybe one of these days we’ll even have a link to share with you.

8 responses to “cameras in our faces

  1. What is the general feeling about you guys living there? Are people accepting? Are they bemused?

  2. Bemused, yes.
    Or, wait, was that amused?

  3. Pretty fuckin genius. Us americans, especially new yorkers are such media whores de facto…

    Our ways of being just attract attention without our knowing how powerful that is. I have been quoted three times in newspapers, and I am not even white.


  5. (Dave says:) Thomas — I feel like most of the people meet are curious as to why we’re here and flattered that we would come. Bemused, sure, like when I try to speak Hindi (Meh kal ahara hai, I say to the chai wallh) and especially when I turn around and trip over a bicycle, as happened yesterday.

    I don’t think we’ve ever felt unwelcome, anywhere in India, except for when we didn’t have the right tickets for the train and the conductor wanted to kick us off.

  6. Meh kal ahara hai
    >What? Ahara? Did you mean ‘aa raha’?

  7. (Dave speaking) Vick — now you’re starting to see why they were bemused!

  8. Wow! You guys are celebrities. 🙂

    That gif is super awesome!

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