shots from north delhi

Last Saturday: a lazy one, spent walking around parts of Delhi we’d never seen before. No goal, no sight to see — just picking a Metro stop, getting off, and seeing what there is to see.





9 responses to “shots from north delhi

  1. Great pictures! It seems like with all these outside vendors, the weather must be pretty mild there year round.

  2. Ah, Grey Street Girl — thanks for the laugh!

    Please see:

  3. Just curious, how do people react when you go around taking these pictures? I mean, getting a shave is pretty personal – not many people would like to be photographed getting one.

    You must get stared at a lot!

  4. We ask politely and smile. Most people don’t have a problem — especially if Jenny asks. Then we take 3 or 4, knowing they’ll be staring at us for the first pic but back going about their business by #4, which is usually the winner.

    If someone says no, we don’t take a picture.

    (And we get stared at regardless of whether we’re taking a picture or not. 🙂

  5. Ahh..the 4 pic trick is an interesting idea. I shall try that out some time!

  6. Hey fun blog! 🙂
    Is this Panchkuian Road? [near Ramakrishna Ashram Marg Metro station]

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  9. Hi,
    I’m un India for few weeks and I would like to meet sign painters… Can you recommend me some places to meet them?
    Thanks a lot!
    Your blog is very good!

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