roshan di kulfi

Before we left Delhi, Jenny and I did our best to make it to our favorite restaurants one last time. Not Karim’s, because the first time is the best and it trends towards mediocre the more often you visit. I’m talking about the mall for Jenny’s favorite paneer tikka (yes, her favorite was at the mall); Sagar’s and Saravana Bhavan for dosas and uttapams; Flavors for pizza; and Roshan di Kulfi, all the way up in Karol Bagh, for breakfast, snacks, and dessert all in one sitting.

Jenny and I can’t remember if we discovered RdK ourselves our were led there by our good friends at Eating Out In Delhi. Either way, we know from Hemanshu’s blog that Roshan di Kulfi has been a Karol Bagh favorite for decades. It’s one of those places where the crowd spills out the door and if you want a seat, you have to hover over people who look like they’re finishing so you can snatch it up the moment they stand.

Kulfi” is ice cream, Indian style. “Roshan di” means, well, I’m going to assume it means “Delicious gooey noodles that we put on top of”.


RdK’s specialty is kulfi falooda, which is ice cream with sweet rose-water noodles on top, plus bits of almond and pistachio for good measure. It’s something better tasted than described.

But RdK goes beyond dessert — or, rather, it’s got stuff that comes before dessert. We ordered chole bhatura, a Punjabi chickpea dish most often served for breakfast, and raj kachori, which is a big ball of pastry filled with all sorts of stuff and covered with all sorts of sauce.



A ball of stuff and sauce: we can’t get more specific (and it doesn’t get much better) than that.




12 responses to “roshan di kulfi

  1. hungry now…

  2. Kulfi mmm… mmm…

    “Roshan di” means “Roshan’s” where Roshan is name of a guy. Hence, Roshan’s kulfi
    The “delicious gooey noodles” you talk of is called “faluda”.

  3. I don’t know what it is, but I know that I want to eat it.

  4. Awesome pics dude..

    by the way, ‘Roshan di Kulfi’ means ‘Roshan’s Kulfi’ (where Roshan is the guy)

    I haven’t ever had kulfi-falooda at Karol Bagh but had it once at Giani’s (Chandni Chowk)…that was awesome!


    • you are maid thart you love giyani faluda kulfi or rabri faluda that is garbage of some where in chandni chowk

      • Poor ayush,

        I do not stay in Delhi, so may be I haven’t had the best of the kulfis… but Giani’s was good too. If popular opinion is anything to go by, I can’t be too wrong here. (it could be that roshan’s could be arguably better, but Giani’s wasn’t “junk” in any case, as you said)

        You seem to have a taste as ordinary as your English !! 🙂


  5. fantastic.

    Roshan Di Kulfi means Roshan’s Kulfi (roshan being the owner/founder’s name)

    Oh,I see that has already been said.:)

  6. Raj kachori – I can’t stand that stuff. A Jackson Pollock of flavours, none of which really complement any of the others.

    I’d love to know who invented it, primarily so I could go back in time and stop them.

  7. Roshan Di Kulfi is da bomb!!!!!

  8. thi shop is ultimate good becauseof their quality
    they every delicios thing to eat so i will say we have to visit R.D.K……………………………………………………………

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  10. i want open roshan kulfi in panipat…………plz call me 09896800009 thnx………..regards ANKUR

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