india and nepal say happy birthday dad

Today is Dave’s Dad’s sixtieth birthday. Since we’ve known for a while that we would be in Asia during his big day, we decided to celebrate by asking everyone we met while traveling through India and Nepal last month to wish him happy birthday. Enjoy!

(And we know that the lyrics of Bilo Rani aren’t exactly what you’d sing to your papa, but 1) he doesn’t understand the lyrics and neither do we, and 2) it’s got a great beat. We asked our friends if they knew any Hindi songs that were actually about one’s father, and they suggested this slightly creepy piece. Creepiness begins at 0:30.)

8 responses to “india and nepal say happy birthday dad

  1. “Creepiness begins at 0:30.”

    😆 Actually it starts at o:40

  2. That was awesome dave. Dad will love it.

  3. Wow – Jenny and Dave – great idea – he’s gonna love it! Happy birthday Jeff Prager!!!

  4. That is a creepy song. You made the right choice by not using that.

  5. if you’re talking about the song he linked, the creepy bit is just a really small kid. It’s about a story where the mom leaves the kid with the dad and runs away. It’s about how the dad raises the kid without letting him feel the lack of a mother in his life. I really would have to put on my pedobear costume to see the creepiness in it. Oh wait you folks have it on, already.

  6. I pity the person whose paranoia over pedophiles is greater than the love for his or her father.

  7. Actually the song is not creepy. It’s a father singing about what his son means to him and the little kid (yes, it’s a little boy) is the one singing “I love you Daddy”.

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