it’s official: Our Delhi Struggle will be a book!

It’s finally official. The blue ink is dry and the envelope is closed and the contract is airmailing its way to Harper Collins. Now all that awaits is a manuscript.

The book will be part memoir and part guidebook: an in-depth exploration of the Delhi we lived, the lessons we learned, and the funny things that happened to us. It’ll be like this blog, only much longer, much more detailed, and much funnier.

Writing has begun, and will continue for the next six months. We expect to release the book next April July, just in time to channel the excitement of Delhi’s Commonwealth Games into fame and fortune.

If you want updates about the book’s progress and an invitation to the big release party next April July, send your email address to ourdelhistruggle AT gmail dot com. You can also follow us on Twitter: mmmmdave and JennySteeves.

This blog will be an integral part of the writing process. We’ll rely on readers’ opinions and insights to add detail to the book. Right now, for instance, we’re writing the section on getting around Delhi, and all the white-knuckled moments we’ve had in the back of an autorickshaw. Our question to you: what was your scariest auto-related experience?

25 responses to “it’s official: Our Delhi Struggle will be a book!

  1. congratulations!! I hope to be the first to buy the book as soon as it’s out.

  2. Hearty congrats! HarperCollins n all… (makes a face)

    I look forward to your book which I hope will be interestin’ as this blog.

    ‘Rick experience…mmm I hate them, not gonna talk ’bout them.

  3. emilythehopeless

    congratulations! 🙂

  4. This is fabulous news! Congratulations! I’m sure the book will be so insightful and funny. I can’t wait for little previews and to go get my copy at the bookstore!

  5. scariest auto experiences:

    1. sitting with uncle and mom, me in the middle…got rear ended, i hit my knees HARD against the driver’s seat. Ouch. Thank goodness cars don’t go 50 mph there, otherwise I would have gone out the window.

    2. 2 aunts, me and my bro in an auto when we were very young…still too cramped but we were doing okay…the auto driver was CREEPY, he kept asking my mom to have my bro (7 years old) sit on HIS LAP. My mom refused repeatedly, saying no thanks we are fine…but he kept on asking until we reached the destination.

  6. hmm… lets see…

    1. One time our auto broke down in the middle of nowhere at night. So we were stuck in the dark with a creepy driver trying to fix his rickshaw (it was scary, but doesn’t sound that way)…

    2. Riding alone in a rickshaw (i’m a girl) and the driver told another guy he could ride in the rickshaw with me b/c we were going to the same place!

    3. Riding alone in a rickshaw and the driver trying to ask me about sex in America. Even after refusing to talk to him, he still “propositioned” me at the end of the ride!!

    4. Getting stuck in my rickshaw in traffic and realizing I’m in the middle of a BJP parade!!

    That’s all I have right now… sorry they aren’t so good 🙂

  7. As one of your older readers, i look forward to getting that signed (free) copy of the book!

    Congrats, and good luck with the book!

  8. congos dude/dudette….
    You are a hope for many of us around.. : )


  9. I think a jeep exploded as I passed by in an Auto. I think that was real life. I’m fairly sure it was.

  10. Hey – congrats again. You should call sally – she had a freaky auto experience yesterday involving an accident in the auto next to her….


  11. Scariest Auto experience -:

    Bangalore about 6 months ago. Auto’s handbrake handle was broken, not an uncommon thing for Bangalore Autos so I didn’t think much about it. Auto was going at high speed on an empty stretch of of road, we approached a junction which is also a major bus stand, btw most of the Bangalore bus stands are near junctions.

    Anyway the point is there were a lot of people standing by the road. Suddenly I noticed the auto guy frantically pressing the foot brake without any effect on the Auto’s speed.

    I put my laptop in front like a shield (I know it sounds stupid but it was the only thing I had in my hands) and waited for the impending crash. Now no matter what but this Auto guy somehow manages to shift down in the first gear and stop the auto by colliding with a makeshift shop.

    Then he went on to show me the screw which has fallen and caused the foot brake failure. The funniest part is that the whole thing has happened so fast that I didn’t had much time to analyze it and proceeded my onwards journey with the same auto :).

    Never been in an auto since though.

  12. In case you are planning to use the drawing of the auto and cow in your book, please remember that Indian cows have humps. 🙂 This cow doesn’t look like one you normally find walking the streets.

  13. congrats! can’t wait to read it 😉

  14. Congratulations! It’s been fun seeing India through your eyes.

  15. @Andrea Shef
    lol, bjp rox! everyone knows it, they love westerners! haha, glad u made it out w/o being married to a donkey…

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  17. Hi,

    Really interesting blog. I think this gives a new angle to India. I have been working in Sweden for 2 years now and have had the opportunity to see India from the outside. When I visit India I always have a look at the free classifieds site

    Threre are a lot of interesting classifieds that are fun to browse through.


  18. Scariest Auto Experience
    I took an auto to Punjabi Bagh. The auto driver was driving pretty fast and I kept on telling him that I was in no hurry but he continued. When auto reached Lodhi road, suddenly my side of the tire broke with its shaft and auto dragged for a while. Fortunately, I could get away with minor injury.

  19. Be keen to interview both of you on HolidayIQ. Can I email you a few questions?
    Check out

  20. Hi, the book sounds great, I’ve been following your blog and do enjoy it. I have recently launched a website, a book swapping and reviewing site for bibliophiles. Let me know when your book is launched and I’ll review it on the site!

    Cheers, Geetanjali

  21. hi,
    its nice to see all about. i feel proud to be a part of your blog and book too as me and vijay paint a poster for dave and jenny in darya ganj, delhi. anyone interested for this type of painting can contact me on

  22. bike broke down on a rainy night under a flyover, an auto rickshaw broken english
    “You need help”
    “no i am fine, will have to buy a spare part tomr, cant do anything about it”
    looks at me and says “you suck my dick”
    shocked response “noooooo”
    calm sequel “i suck you dick ?”
    “you want fuck”
    “ok good night” and leaves shattering down the street.

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