surprise: it’s us!

Though we have a new blog entry scheduled for later this week, readers of the Hindustan Times in Delhi (and maybe other cities) got an early glimpse of us in this morning’s HT City. Does this mean we’re officially “iconic”?


You can read the story behind the poster — ok, fine, behind the iconic poster — here.


6 responses to “surprise: it’s us!

  1. You were an icon anyways! Guess this just makes the particular edition of HT (boring) city iconic!

  2. Thanks, Prasun!

  3. That model is hot.
    Oh congrats to you guys as well 😛

    That bollywood poster is going places I would say. Your book cover should have space for this in case it is a collage.

  4. Hey, I just saw your poster( scooters , shooting etc..) as part of an article in the October issue of the Gulf Air, inflight magazine. Hope these guys are paying you something !!

  5. Hi Boston — they sure are! Thanks for checking, though.

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