meet Vijay, our Bollywood poster painter

This weekend, NPR’s Studio360 ran an interview with Jenny and I and Vijay, the artist who painted our Bollywood poster. It was really interesting to hear his history and his side of the story. We were especially heartened when he leaped to our defense to dispel the reporter’s half-baked notion that it’s somehow “patronizing” or “maybe just plain wrong” of us to insert ourselves into a symbol of Indian culture. Give it a listen!


5 responses to “meet Vijay, our Bollywood poster painter

  1. I had read the story in Hindustan Times a few years back. So awesome to see the “gora filmi poster” people, and to get to read about their experiences.

    Oh yes, by the way, I will be travelling to New York City in a couple of days. Can you suggest any similar blogs for that other great city??

  2. My wife and I also commissioned a poster from Vijay, so it was fun to hear this piece.

    The poster that Vijay painted for us is AMAZING, and everyone in the framing shop got really excited when we brought it in.

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  4. how can we find this person? I am really interested in getting a poster like this.

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