an awesome clip without context

Take the burly brawl from the Matrix Reloaded and the bad guy from No Country For Old Men, and then throw in… Voltron? Though we have no idea what movie this is from, this scene is spectacular.

12 responses to “an awesome clip without context

  1. Its frm a tamil movie ‘Anniyan’ directed by Shankar, India’s largest paid director. The sequence was choreographed by the ppl who worked in the matrix movies.

  2. The movie is ‘Anniyan’. There’s another Bengali movie by Mithunda in which there is a similar kung fu scene shown here. Will find the link and post.

  3. I’ve had no idea you’re doing a book! Fantastic!
    Good luck, san

  4. This Tamil Movie was also dubbed and Released in Hindi as ‘APARICHIT’ literally meaning (UnIntroduced) based on Multiple Personality Syndrome.

    Take any Shankar Movie and you will find similar Fight Stunts.. You should watch a Song Sequence with Similar Stunts from the Movie ‘Sivaji – The Boss’

    You will love it with Subtitles.

  5. He actually takes the time to refer to the Sensei as ‘motte’ (baldy)… This is an extremely entertaining film! There’s a scene where he fries a fraudulent caterer in chicken kebab batter!

  6. And part Kill Bill.
    You know the beginning bit where there are vertical black lines on the screen are his perspective from behind his hair!
    Saw this movie – its hilarious! Kind of like “Seven” – the Tamil version (saw it in Hindi).
    He is following the girl because she did something illegal/not correct hence needs to be ‘punished’ or killed

  7. Awesome! Traces of epic fail movie American Ninja as well. but why is that silly ‘heroine’ standing around waiting doing much hand wringing rather than legging it out of the closest exit.

  8. where do you find such stuff???

  9. I have seen the hindi Dub ‘Aparachit’.
    Two things which I found silly throughout –
    1. Dude! Whats with the hair? Supposed to create a scary effect. Seems to me you need a shampoo.

    2. Lady! When little chineese chaps stand up to fight a 7 feet tall Tamilian, you dont stand and watch. You Run!

  10. it’s obviously a taekwondo(judging from the uniform and symbol) class but smart ass director had to put in a some chinese music and banners written in chinese characters. lol.epic fail!

  11. I visit your blog frequently, and have tagged you in a post in my blog ( Please respond to the tag if you like it 🙂

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