food! dave and jenny in Time Out Delhi

This month’s Time Out Delhi‘s cover story is all about the favorite foods of Delhi’s various ethnic/foreign communities. Where do the Afghans eat? Where do the Parsis eat? And where do the Americans eat? To answer that last question, Time Out turned to Jenny and I. We’re proud to be part of their excellent collection of articles, which opened us up to dozens of new eating ideas that we can’t wait to try. Especially the Gujarati article… man, am I hungry right now.

We do need to correct a slight misquote in the article about Karim’s. Though we think that Karim’s is the favorite restaurant of Americans in general and we do like it, it isn’t necessarily our favorite place, especially not after this experience. But I’m not sure which restaurant I’d claim is our favorite… Saravana Bhavan for South Indian for sure, but we can put a dozen North Indian restaurants on our short list. Thinking back, though, no food stands out more than that which Ganga made. I’m getting nostalgic just looking at that picture.

Click the image below for a bigger version, or read the article on their website.


2 responses to “food! dave and jenny in Time Out Delhi

  1. I am not a foodie and I really did enjoy Ganga’s dishes, they seemed all so healthy, tasty but light.

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