bicycle rickshaws: Delhi vs. Colorado

Let’s consider a contrast in the economic and social structure of two different countries for a moment.

In Delhi, India, the poorest migrants in the world pedal bicycle rickshaws for a living. It’s a challenging, unglamorous job that’s among the lowest on the city’s totem pole. They barely make enough to get by. Nobody wants to be a rickshaw puller

In Boulder, Colorado, rickshaw pulling is what hippies choose to do.

And doesn’t that color scheme look familiar?

5 responses to “bicycle rickshaws: Delhi vs. Colorado

  1. It’s so amazing how the world works: the toils of the poor in one part of the world are the pastimes of the rich in another.

  2. Similarly, the poor are thin in one country, while they are obese in another. Yeh sab maya hai.

  3. Bicycle rickshaws? Maybe you are right. I can only see two wheels in the picture.

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