move over, Fun ‘n Food Village

I’d like your thoughts on this marketing idea that I’m working on for the book. I see this as a sticker; and I have a dream of seeing this sticker in the rear window of every car in Delhi.

Your thoughts?

P.S. Why do so many cars have Fun ‘n Food Village stickers in their windows? I know that Fun ‘n Food Village is awesome, but there are plenty of awesome places in the area. What makes their stickers so eminently stickable?

15 responses to “move over, Fun ‘n Food Village

  1. Haha….is that a ‘fill in the blank’??

  2. What must really be happening is :
    Whenever you park at Fun and Food, the parking attendant himself sticks one on your car and now that the sticker is already there, nobody bothers to remove it.

  3. Prachi Gangwani

    I love it! Looking forward to your book. When is out?

  4. Actually the car stickers are not put by the owner but either parking attendants or company activation teams & no one pays too much attention to them. I wouldn’t suggest this method.

  5. It also amounts to trespass on property in law (if you stick something on a car without the permission of the owner of the car). Worse, if it doesn’t come off without leaving scratches.

    Not a good idea.

    Then again… there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    Or good litigation.

  6. OK, for the record: we will NOT be sticking anything on anyone’s cars without permission. We will hand you the sticker, and we hope you will love it so much that you’ll affix it to your car yourself. Yes?

  7. Prachi: the book is coming in early December! Make sure you “like” the Facebook page so you catch the latest info.

  8. I’m sure you remember the look of most of the cars that have the stickers. They are waaay old. Like 10-15 years at the least. It was when fun n food had become really popular and everyone would be there and so on. They gave out free stickers and EVERYONE wanted em. They were considered cool back then. I remember wanting one and putting it on our old (Maruti 800, 1989) car! They just never took em off.

    P.S.: I never got to put a sticker on mine. My dad was way too cool for that kind of stuff 😛

  9. Ooh. I forgot one thing. I “!” your sticker! 🙂

  10. i think you could make it Dilli instead of New Delhi….thts how you pronounce it in hindi…so i guess tht would have more sticking potential….

  11. Dave …. I just finished reading your book and absolutely loved it !!!! You made me change my perception of expats and how they view India …. yours was the most honest account and I must thank you for not poking fun at Indians (and sadly all the expats I’ve met so far have only done that!). I’m all for the sticker ….. do let me know when you get them printed (I will be the first one to put on up on my car ). Once again, thank you for a wonderful book !!

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