about our delhi struggle

Dave & Jenny

We are Dave and Jenny. We live in India, which is not like where we used to live.

This Delhi blog won’t tell you what we did on such-and-such day. Instead, we’re blogging to showcase the fun and insanity of living in India, to help the people back home share what we experience, and to help other people who might be visiting, moving, or just curious about life on the subcontinent.

That picture above is the two of us all gussied up for our first Diwali party in India.

(And let it be said that we now deeply regret calling this blog “Our Delhi Struggle” — the connotations are far too negative. A better title would be “The Delhi We See” or something like that. I wish we could change it.)

The big news, of course, is that HarperCollins India has published Dave’s book about expat life in India! Learn much more about it at DeliriousDelhi.com.

Contact us at ourdelhistruggle@gmail.com.

74 responses to “about our delhi struggle

  1. Two beautiful people in a beautiful and unique country.

  2. Loved looking through your site.
    Was in Delhi for work on April. Such a chaotic and visceral city.

    Horn Please!

  3. Quirky Indian

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to reading more good stuff.

    Quirky Indian

  4. a great idea of a blog!
    I love India and visit it every year.
    I agree, living in India must be fun – I wish i could move there one day too…

    P.S: discoverd your blog through WOrdpress News (google sari post) and will keep visiting :))

  5. Supreeth Rajan

    I would describe it as the great Adaptation struggle.
    I would like to see more on your blog. Liked the Google sari very much though. Don’t know who ll wear it but !
    Hope your blog turns out to be something similar like the TV show “No reservations- Anthony Bourdain”.

    Supreeth Rajan

  6. Hey Buddies,

    Quite a neat effort through this blog. This is clearly a unique blog I’ve stumbled upon by chance.

    By the way, which part of Delhi are you guys located?


  7. illusionsofme

    Delhi can be a maddening place to live, and it can also prove unexpectedly wonderful – I’ve been living there for the last seven years (well, sort of, college took me away), and it’s gradually gotten under my skin, but it took ages. Good luck on your journey.

    – Maya (illusionsofme.wordpress.com)

  8. i really liked your blog…..i am from delhi,yet there is so much to learn 🙂 lol..take care….

  9. Indeed, an interesting blog! New insights into a city in which I’ve been born and brought up!

    And it’s intriguing to see how the western mind interprets the scene here, and what we can learn from you, and you from us!

    Do keep posting!


  10. “subcontinent”? What do you mean?

  11. Why do you call it a struggle? – i mean, Delhi is pretty cosmopolitan – been there quite a few times myself.

    Have fun …

  12. jenny and dave

    It’s a play on words. Our daily struggle. Our Delhi struggle.

    And, for a westerner, living in Delhi can take quite an adjustment.

  13. jenny and dave

    Piyush – we live in South Delhi. Near Green Park.

  14. Great blog… I landed up this blog by Chance… Anywayz I learnt that sometimes by chance many great things do happen….


  15. Hi,

    I found the Google sari article in some site yesterday and like it very much and today I read each article in the blog, its one of the great blog I have ever seen, really. I always try to make a site which visitors loves and in my 3 year career I was able to make just 6-7 sites which visitors really love (apart from 150+ sites on which I worked) and even those were my own personal sites/blogs mostly. I like the way you present, the way you write and supporting pics thats really great. What I say more, I like to hear more from you and yah if possible love to meet you both.


  16. love your blog. i hope to live there 1 day!

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  18. Hi,

    I just came across your blog on the word press welcome page and just wanted to say well done, it’s very engaging and your pictures complement the posts nicely. I’m slightly biased though because I spent 3 years in Delhi myself, in the late 1990’s. It’s great reading about familiar places and sights – it seems very little has changed!

  19. Came here from wordpress top posts. Always was interested in a foreigner’s view of India. Will be reading this blog.
    Hope India gives you only everything good.
    Best of luck!

  20. Dudes, I really enjoy this blog from time to time. Well written. What tickles me the most is the image in the banner.

    Did you guys draw it up yourself? Because it depicts Delhi perfectly.


  21. jenny and dave

    Vaibhav – (Jenny here) Sadly, I did not draw the image myself, but got it from two images I found online. I think the auto image came from a t-shirt design, if I remember correctly.
    I love it too! I take autos every day – they are the best way to beat the traffic. =)

  22. Just wondering – is there a reason behind leaving out dates from your posts? Something like eternal India, eternal experience? 🙂

  23. jenny and dave

    We can’t figure out how to add it using our WordPress template. =(

    It’s something we’ll try to figure out one of these days…

  24. Ah, ok. Thanks for explaining. I am sure you can ask in the forums at WP if you like.

  25. Hi –

    I just came upon your blog as being expats.

    I love Indian clothing – after surgery for ovarian cancer four years ago, I found these with the tie pants very comfortable, easy to wear, and BEAUTIFUL. I purchased them in a little shop in Oakland, California. I’ve since moved to the Pacific NW and can’t find these anywhere. Any hints or ideas as to how/where to buy these? I think these outfits are perfect for women recovering from cancer surgery (ovarian, breast, colon, etc.).

    You can e-mail me at morphineprincess at gmail dot com……..

    Many Thanks

  26. Hi,

    Nice Blog.

    Hope u r enjoying ur stay here.

    u might be interested to know more about India:



  27. hey great blog. keep posting.

    and welcome to India (a tad too late perhaps 🙂 )

  28. Great blog! Nice seeing you two at Sancho’s last night. Keep posting and sharing – all of your thoughts and observations ring true to me! 😉 Dave – you ever go for ultimate frisbee @ Nehru Park on Saturdays?

  29. One of the best blogs I’ve read. I may be moving to New Delhi soon and it was a great insight to read about daily life in Delhi and all the cultural craziness that comes with it. Thank you!

  30. just stumbled upon this blog and I LOVE it!

  31. D&J,

    Great outfits, I must say. You look quite ethnic. 🙂

    Horn Please, OK, TATA.

  32. You have a lovely blog going. A very unique look at India.

  33. Hi, just wanted to say how much i love your blog. I was in Delhi/Noida for 2 trips this past spring and i miss it so much! I would love to move there, still trying to figure out how.

  34. okay – so I’ve been up half the night and read your entire blog – enjoyed it thoroughly. And hey – you even live pretty near by!

  35. So I’ve been reading around your blog for a while and haven’t found the answer to my one question. Why are you living in India now?

    I lived in Chennai for 2 months so I totally get where you two are coming from. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Hi Daniel – we are in Delhi working.

    Dave is working in advertising – as was I until recently. I now work for an NGO.

  37. Hey guys

    Interesting blog. Will go through your posts.

    Adding your blog to ma Google reader…

    Amardeep Sidhu

  38. Stumbled here via Google Sari.
    Can’t believe I just spend an hour or so reading all your posts and loved ’em all!
    Hope you enjoy your stay in India!

  39. MARVELLOUS COUSIN!!! thanks to google…I am so emotioned.. you & Dave are GREAT! i really liked your blog ..WRITE ME!

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  41. Loved reading through your posts!

  42. hi dave & jenny,
    where can i find the post you have written about bollywood posters & publicity about Mr. Vijay’s paintings.

  43. Hello to you both, wonderful blog so far.

    I was particularly interested by your saying that you feel that your blog’s name no longer fits its mood. I think you reveal a really important point lying underneath any foreigner’s visits (including my first visits – I was born in the US). India goes much, much better when you no longer resist it and become part of it.

  44. Hi Jenny, Hi Dave

    I’ve just moved to Delhi with my Art Director and his fiancee. We’d love to hook up. We’re staying at The Residence, and tomorrow is Friday night. Get in touch if you wanna.


    habit47 a.k.a. Ivan

  45. oops. messed up that email address. and by ‘just moved to Delhi’ I mean YESTERDAY.

  46. Hi

    I have some friend in Hyderabad and I wanted to surprise them with a care package, What do you miss most from America?



  47. Anonymous Londoner

    Hi. First time reader.

    This section could answer more questions like what first made you move, why you chose to live in India or Delhi specifically, what you did before occupation-wise and whether you see your future living in India permanently. The posts could also include the specific time and date it was posted.

  48. Gr8! I am a Delhite, PhD student. I have even poems and comics on Delhi on my blog.

    All the best for the upcoming book.

  49. Love the site. I lived in Delhi for only a short month while doing volunteer work – http://www.ottsworld.com/blogs/tag/spice-diaries/page/2/ but I got a sense of how things worked (or didn’t work!) as I wasn’t doing anything touristsy. I’m going back for a visit this fall – I can’t wait to see the insanity again!

  50. A very good friend of mine, who is Indian, sent me the link to this wonderful blog. Although my name is Indian, I am caucasian with European ancestry and live in the USA. I love diversity so it was really fascinating seeing it from a different perspective. Thank you for taking the time to devote to this viewpoint. Very refreshing! 🙂

  51. Hey Dave & Jenny..!

    Being a complete Delhiite myself… i loveee your blog..! A mad city, but somehow one starts finding order in the chaos over time.. and fall in love with it..!
    I am also in Singapore these days for couple of years..!
    Incase you have a meet up session here, or need any information about Singapore, give me a shout..! 🙂

  52. great stuff guys….i love the pics…..awesome ! 😀

  53. Dear i want to meet you guys…………… great job

  54. awww…..you guys look so cute!!!

    btw, you two are doing an amazing job with the blog!

  55. U ROCK !!!! \m/

  56. Reading your blogs makes me miss home… it’s nice to get a glimpse of an outsider’s vision of your city. Refreshing! Great job!

  57. Hi! I Am a New Yorker living in Bangalore. I Love you piece on the Bollywood posters. I did something similar with the poster art here. I would totally love to get a poster painted though!


    Do contact me if you come to Bangalore ever!

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  59. http://comewrite.wordpress.com/

    cool blog. pity about the title. wordpress needs to get with that. maybe send them an email?

  60. Hi,
    Pretty nice blog. Thanks to wordpress that I found it. I have been living in this city since the last 23 odd years of my existence on this earth. It will be fun to read about life in Delhi from your (non Indian) perspective.
    You have another regular reader now. 🙂

  61. what an interesting blog….I want to read every post 🙂

  62. This is one funny blog you’ll have here. I can’t stop laughing reading your various trysts with Indian lifestyle. I truly admire the way you have brought out the humor in your struggles.

    I have been living in Los Angeles the last 8 years. This is a beautiful reminder of my past years growing up in Bombay. Thanks for the laughter and I wish you success with your book.


  63. Humm…. so dear Dave and Jenny…. Well, i hope you enjoy living in Delhi… i myself put in Delhi (Patparganj)

    If you need any sort of help feel free to contact me… 🙂


  64. Always wanted to say: amazing experiences that you have been posting on this blog (which makes it amazing too.) Why not activate “Blog Subscriptions” widget? Easy for people to subscribe your posts. Happy blogging! Looking forward to read the book.

  65. Nice to see that the colonial mentality is alive and well in the global publishing industry. How many local Indian people and Indian-origin expats (those born and bred outside of India but moved to the ‘motherland’) do you think would get a book deal about their daily lives in India? This isn’t a personal attack on you or your attempts at making the most of your opportunities. The blog is interesting and I really like how you tracked down a Bollywood posterwaala. The image is great. It’s an observation on the recurring pattern of privileging outsider voices on and about India. Truly a sad state of affairs.

    • Well put. I am a “white” girl visiting India with my American-born Indian husband and family and I have been thinking a lot about this issue of the attention given to white people’s experiences in third-world countries in print, film, etc. (Also not a criticism of Our Delhi Struggle but just a comment.)

  66. Hi Dave and Jenny,

    Looking Forward to reading your book…If you need Space for its launch i am ready to give you my cafes..feel free to contact me#7838652817

  67. Dear David and Jenny,

    My sister is moving to India from the UK to join a leading ad agency. She will be staying on her own and as such wanted your advice for a girl moving to Delhi and where she can stay. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  68. Hi guys! So happy to have found your blog. I’m visiting India in Nov with 3 other gals. We’re not Indian but very excited to visit the country. I cant wait to read more!

  69. What a great blog! I lived in India for 6 months and often find myself scoping out the closest Indian family to try to soak up some of their culture. Such an amazing country. Thanks for sharing!

  70. Best restaurants in Delhi

    Guys, this might be a new experience but am sure you really enjoyed knowing this city so close.

  71. Thanks for sharing the post…great help…keep it up!!!
    best restaurants in delhi

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  73. Loved your book. Am using it in my Politics of South Asia to familiarize my American students with India.

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