Delirious Delhi by Dave Prager

Coming this December from HarperCollins India!

‘Delhi exists in a kind of quantum state: in Delhi, all things are true at once.’

When the Big Apple no longer felt big enough, Dave and Jenny moved to a city of sixteen million people — and, seemingly, twice that many horns honking at once. Delirious Delhi depicts India’s capital as the two experienced it, from office life in the rising tech hubs to the traffic jam philosophy that keeps people sane in the gridlock approaching them.

Hoping to comprehend a city in which ancient stone monuments compete with glass-clad shopping malls to define the landscape, Dave and Jenny set out with only their senses of humour as their guide. What follows is a top-to-bottom snapshot of a city in the thick of loud and accelerating change.

Anyone new to Delhi will have their understanding of it magnified by this book. And anyone who already knows Delhi will appreciate this candid tribute to a city that’s everything to everyone at the same time.

Do one thing (well, three things):

Watch this space for news about publication dates, release parties, and much more!


4 responses to “Delirious Delhi by Dave Prager

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  2. Love the cover page

  3. When I first arrived in India, as a foreigner, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve decided to write because I picture myself in this autoricshaw on my way to school and somewhere along the journey I meet this cow causing traffic…. and that was was the beginning.
    As for negotiating auto or going by meter, if you are new to Delhi and can’t estimate the distance to your destination, that’s the recipe for being over-charged… meter or negotiation. And if you go straight for a meter, there is a 50/50 chance that you will get someone who will or will not take the straight route. in any case, I think negotiation is the default in Delhi if u know where u are going.

  4. oh great… an expat novel.

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