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take two and call me on one of my six phone numbers in the morning

Below are all the Indian medicines we have collected in our closet.

I look at this picture and think, “We’ve only been in India since November, but look at how much we’ve gotten sick.”

Dave looks at this picture and thinks, “I have no idea what any of this medicine is for.”

Whatever it’s for, it was cheap. The above collection is worth maybe $25.

You go see the doctor. “Tell me,” they say, of course. And you divulge your mysterious skin rash or what not. They listen, take notes, and end the consultation by prescribing a list of brand names that must be comforting and familiar to Indians, but mean nothing to us. Strepsils? Brufen 600? Ibucomb? Betadine? Lastuss LA? Telekast-L? STIBS? Rablet D? Mit’s Linctus?

You take your prescription to a pharmacy and the pharmacist proceeds to pile tablets and boxes onto the counter. Dave recalls picking up a week’s worth of antibiotics, painkillers and vitamins for me and the total was 100 Rupees – $2.50.

In Delhi, doctors are cheap, foreign-educated, and they give out their cell phone numbers as well as five additional numbers.

How do I choose which to call?

With the price of medicine and the availability of doctors, you’re actually lucky to get sick in India. But when you really think about it, not really, because it’s India that makes you sick.