the google sari

Spotted this in a fancy mall in Gurgaon, India (the tech hub south of Delhi). I don’t know the backstory, and I couldn’t find out because (proving that India is aspiring to Western standards in every way!) a guard started rushing over to bust me for taking pictures.

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  1. Typical of my fellow Indians — ape anything western, irrespective of its true merits. I wish we’d learn something truly positive from westerners — they are punctual and they have high levels of civic sense. Sounds simple (to westerners) but not exactly followed by my fellow Indians. Peace.

  2. It’s the Oogle sari by Satya Paul…

  3. I work for Google, so its great to see our saree in the market. However, I guess Satya Paul or whoever it is could have done a better job with the designing of the saree. I wonder what all is the part of the text in this saree…

  4. itsalljustaride

    How do you turn Safe Search off?

  5. Convergence!

    Oldest of attires & Newest of technology.

  6. Very cool pics! It’s a cool looking sari…one of those things that are just good to look at, not to be worn.

  7. fusionrevolution

    How disgusting. No respect and those that view this as fashion are imbeciles.

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  9. Ha ha ha that’s the future for yah. Private enterprise all the way

  10. Oh, man! I’m as white as white can be, and I so totally want this! Is that cause and effect?

  11. What’s crazy to me is how quickly our mind identifies it as Google when you can only see part of the image and yet instantly “Google”. Reminds me of a study they did once to pre-schoolers where they instantly identified a yellow ‘M’ as McDonalds.

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  13. I agre with what Josh says.. Nothing good is being copied/imitated/aped at all!
    and Gopa, is there any way I could get a job in Google?

  14. So the truth is out – peel off the cover and underneath Google is just Yahooooo! That’s why M$ wanted to buy them out.

  15. that is a great pic, thanks! Google shall feel pleased 🙂

  16. haha, this is good.. wild advertising gimmick!!! i wonder if somehow Google is actually gonna do it??? it should provide all the poor and downtrodden of india free Google sarees… What a PR Campign!!! 😀

  17. I have seen a certain Aditi Govitrikar wear a similar looking saree, I wonder if it’s the same one.

    I quite like the idea but the finish doesn’t look very neat or maybe its just the photo.

  18. I think this is great and funny :p

  19. “HAHAHA” at the first comment by Josh! 🙂 As someone of Indian background born/dwelling in Canada, even LIVING here has not taught my relatives about the simple, simple quality of being “punctual”….oh those off-schedule family-gatherings…even when you start them two hours “early” it doesn’t seem to work…*sigh*…

    ….And by the way that sari is hideous…I was in India a couple years ago, and I have to say, when you break away from those fancy malls that try so hard to be “Western”, and find yourself in those little family-owned sari-shops that haven’t been tampered by time/technology, the ones where you sit on the floor as they present you one beautiful fabric after another…that’s when you experience Indian fashion/beauty/authenticity all at once 🙂 ….but whatever, I can only handle it in small doses, as I much prefer jeans that are probably too tight for me, hahaha 😉

  20. is that googke sari made in silk?

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  24. cool ………. 😀

  25. I am oddly impressed by this. I find it artsy, though I doubt I’ll ever see anyone actually wearing it!

    I bet it won’t sit very well with a lot of people simply because a sari is supposed to be worn mostly by traditional Indian women, and for it to be infiltrated by anything “western” is sheer horror. I mean, how many would complain about the west being aped in India if they saw a Delhi teenager walking around in a t-shirt imprinted with the google logo? (or oogle for the that matter : )

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  27. Whoa , Satya Paul pulled out all strings on this one. Does anyone know the legal stand on this ? Could Google sue ?

  28. That’s like an instant ticket to fame for Satya Paul.. 🙂

  29. ooh yes! A controversy is Always the best instant ticket to fame!!!

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  33. I’d sooo dig any girl who’d wear this 😉

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  35. This is the wierdest thing I’ve seen. I would never wear such a sari!

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  37. It’s an amazing idea….he’s promoting online shopping for his saris.

    Very original!

  38. After reading all the comments, its sad to see that most Indians won’t hesitate to jump and put their fellow countrymen down without even an afterthought.

    For those who aren’t bright enough to get it…..this saree is promoting Satya Paul’s online shopping.

    Super understated creative, only meant for a few evolved ones I guess!

  39. sunnysideofliving


    Nice combination hanh?!! 🙂

  40. As a regular google user, at the most this is only an advertisement, so take no heed. It is not a sari that I would wear ever in any life here and hereafter.


  41. .. just maybe consider this..
    the designer – in this case – Puneet Nanda, who i happened to meet, has a great sense of humor, and went on to share how fashion is such a multi-faceted art… one can play with so many ways – traditionally (as someone pointed out) or in this case with a great sense of fun
    – in true POP style … it says OOOGLE, and not Gooogle ! It is absolutely in the spirit of the times – it is to his credit for making the sari and its wearers be a whole generation younger!
    .. and the comments about it speak volumes about the speakers more than the sari itself – which obviously has instigated enough responses on this one board alone to prove its place in the world ..


  42. Hi,

    I’m writing from The New Indian Express, Chennai.

    I chanced upon your blog and found it really funny. It provides an interesting perspective to the plain-vanilla everyday things of our lifestyle.

    I would like to feature your blog in the Internet column which I write. I understand you’re traveling right now, so feel free to drop in a one-liner, so that I’ll know if we can go forward with this.

    Do let me know.


    Reshma Iqbal

  43. Haha this is beautiful! Definitely a modern Indian saree. I work for Lashkaraa as an Indian designer and this is definitely giving me some inspiration right now!! Love.

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  47. I Realy Need This Sarees, and I think made for Kurti and Google Kurtis is very Interesting.


  48. I like this saree, Google Sari is Awesome

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